Thanks for a totally awesome Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 – Lets Connect!

First of all a huge thanks and hugs to all of you for your super participation and contribution to make a totally awesome and successful  Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 – Lets Connect! – With a lot of passion, connections, reflections, sharing,  fun, social exchange and culture meetings cross borders!

In the written evaluation you gave the Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 a score of 4.52 points out of 5 possible points in general participants satisfaction  – Which is the highest score ever in the Nordic Salsa Camp history! – Thanks a lot for such a lovely response to this years “Program-Call!” (The Camp last year got 4.47 points)

The Teachers & DJ´s
Secondly a special warm hearted thanks to all the dance-, culture workshops-and music teachers & DJ´s for your great and dedicated contribution to create an amazing Camp, with a super high quality in your teaching, performance and music for the parties, as well as in your professional sharing and social connection between the teachers and between the teachers and participants. – You just rocks!!!

In addition we would like to thank Yanek Revilla and Sabor DKY for making an extraordinary and formidable effort to facilitate the culture meeting with the history and dance culture of Santiago and Eastern Cuba at the Nordic Salsa Camp 2017. – And thanks to Sabor DKY & Hot Tumboa for expression the culture meeting in the common: “Play & Connection – Street Battle Show” – It was amazing!

Further an additional thanks to Yuliet Estrada, Steffen Tofthøj and Mette Øyså Madsen to highlight the possibilities for the “emancipatory women” in the Cuban salsa to play, act and take initiative. – And to Yuliet for sharing the song “Sabor a mi” – And to Luis Duarte and Rohan Brown for the “Son battle around 4 red women” – And to Sassan Ito and the rueda group from Berlin for the rueda exchange, sharing and fun. – And to Luis & Hot Tumbao for the participants including Hot Tumbao Camp show Group. And to Thomas Nygaard & Gro Myking and Rohan Brown & Maria Mittermayr for the development of the culture workshop in “connection & leadership” and “mindful dancing” a step deeper and to Diana Meldgaard, Carlos Perez and Rasmus Sejersens for their dedicated musicality culture workshop, and to Geldys Morales for her magic bodywork skills, to Johanna Andersen for getting the intermediates team-level to fly once again,  and to the “Son-Connection” teachers band to make us all feel,  we were just in the “Son-City” and to Carlos Perez and the Nordic Salsa Camp Band for doing a great effort and band concert performance and to Theo Benjamin Hjorth for composing a new song “Salsa Camp Havana Timba” to the Nordic Salsa Camp, to Birgitte for the “There is a butterfly in my belly – Love song”, and to Rohan & Steffen and the Stomp Connection Team for the super Stomp story performance, and to “Bo the animator”, the morning assemblies and DJ-Luis, DJ-Theo and DJ-Louis to secure an always hot dance flor at the parties, and, and… You can just continue the long list of Camp moments and highlights…

The bar, photo-group, masseurs, administration & kitchen Furher a particular thanks to Amdi & the bar-crew, Esben & the photo-group and Elisabeth Adam, the masseurs, the administration, Rasmus & the Janitors (pedellerne), Yvonne, Michel & the kitchen staff for a super contribution to facilitate an lovely including Camp atmosphere, with great drinks & bar service, inspiring photos & videos, relaxing wellness and super delicious food with a Cuban/Nordic connection! – And to Michel Conzalez & Geldys Morales for solid & joyful presentation of the Cuban menues and to Yvonne and Simon for the Street-Gala-Party-idea. – Just lovely! Also a big congratulation to the Cuba/Nordic kitchen which got 4,4 point in general participants satisfaction in the evaluation – The highest kitchen score in the Camp history! – (Last year the kitchen got 4.1 points)

The Coordination Team and Preparation Group More over a special thanks to the coordination team and preparation group for your  contribution to install and decorate a Great Camp and Playground for an awesome week and culture meeting between 214 participants (107 leaders & 107 followers) (with 25% coming from outside Denmark) and more than 50 teachers and staff personal from Cuba, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK and Denmark and more countries.

Thanks to Jørn for a solid campanionship and dedication to secure a high service in the reception, and to Per & Christian for a super great contribution to secure the light and sound system and the right atmosphere in the Salsatent and kizomba lounge, and to Marianne to secure a lovely decorated Camp and to Søren to secure an including Camp tent area.

Partners Thanks to Annie Jensen from Gaver & Co to deliver the Camp T-shirts and to Elisabeth Adam taking the Camp signature photos and to all the Dance Schools and Salsa Associations, inside and outside Denmark that, directly or indirectly, had supported the sharing of information about the Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 by giving space in their events, brochures, websites and Facebook Groups.

Finally we hope you all have had a lovely and joyful week – carrying with you home a lots of lovely memories, connections, flavours/sabor, inspirations and new friendships for the development of your dance, social relation & network and personal formation.

Once Again – Thanks to you all for a totally awesome Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 – Lets Connect!

You can find all the Camp videos and show videos from the photo group on this link:

If you have some photos or videos you would like to share with the other participants please send a mail to Carl at and you will recieve a link to a DropBox archive, where you can upload for sharing.
You will be able to see the Camp Photos of the Photo Group and other participants using this DropBox link:

If you have any comments, suggestions and ideas for improvements or wishes of instructors you would like to see at the Camp next year- Then feel free to write a mail to Carl  at

Hopefully we will see a lot of you and your friends at Brandbjerg next year for the 13th Nordic Salsa Camp 2018, July 8-14. Untill then – Keep the flavour! 
Warm greetings, hugs and kisses

Simon & Carl
Camp Managers
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Nordic Salsa Camp 2017 – Connecting People!

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