Elective subjects

Besides your main subject you can choose between a broad range of elective subjects. These vary throughout the year. You can find subjects that complements your main subjects ( i.e. – choose musical subjects that add to SoundHouse, or adventure sport that adds to your Outdoor experiences). You can also choose to try subjects across a wide field of interests – and enjoy getting a taste of something you may never have tried before ( cooking? meditation? art?)

Here is an overview of elective subjects available across a year. If you want to know more about the subjects available in a specific period, do not hesitate to contact us on bh@brandbjerg.dk

Se our main subjects here

  • Adventure sport
  • Art and design
  • Art, creativity and process
  • BandHouse
  • Body language, voice and story telling
  • Cooking with courage
  • Dance and yoga
  • Danish for international students
  • Film amd video production
  • Film: history, analysis and theory
  • Film perls

  • Meditation
  • Mountain biking
  • Nature and hunting
  • Photography
  • Physical training
  • Self development
  • Sustainability and eco design
  • TextHouse
  • Theatre
  • Voice and body
  • Writing


Study groups

Apart from the elective subjects you can also choose to join a ‘study group’ on Mondays – this could be on art and design, walking in the beautiful nature around Brandbjerg or singing in a choir. You are also welcome to start your own study group on a subject you care for. Previously we have had groups on Arabic language, social innovation and filmhistory.

My world at debate

Twice a week all students share a subject we call ‘My world at debate’. Here you will find topics like politics, ethics, sustainability, refugees, philosophy and many more being discussed.

We also engage in projects outside the school: Every spring the whole student group collaborate with Jelling Music Festival around the theme of making the festival greener. A festival that takes place at the end of May and hosts around 34.000 guests. During the past 10 years the Brandbjerg students have found numerous ways in which to nudge the festival audience towards a greener behavior. In recent years the students have also spent the day after the festival collecting left over sleeping bags and tents, and given these to homeless organizations and other good causes. Not only will you have the opportunity to  enjoy this big cultural event itself – participating in the festival project will leave you with a great experience of pulling as a big team on a greater cause.

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